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UP Elections

Wave Of Hindutva Or Revamping Of Mandal Politics? The Indian democracy will see five elections this year, the most important and most contested of which is the UP elections, being the largest contributor to the parliamentary elections, winning Uttar Pradesh has always been the key towards winning the Hindu Heartland.  Uttar Pradesh, India's most populated state with a population of over 23 crores, is going to have its state election for 403 legislative seats from 10 February to 7 March in seven phases and results will be declared on 10 March.  UP is the heart of Hindutva Politics. The Mascot of BJP’s political empire which stretches across the nation. UP is also BJP’s template for electoral politics. In the 2017 assembly election, the BJP had won a massive 325 seats while the then Alliance of SP and the Congress had to settle for 54 seats only. If the 2017 UP polls were defined as a wave of Hindutva, then can 2022 be defined as the comeback of Mandal Politics.  It may be too early


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UP Elections

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