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Local Reservation in Employment: Political Brainwashing or A New Approach to Unemployment

  · Haryana is the newest state to try and implement a law for local reservation of jobs in the private sector residing inside the state. · The new law states that 75% of the jobs across the state which pay upto 50,000 rupees per month · This move is in line with similar proposals of different states such as Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. · Andhra Pradesh was the first state which tried to pass such amendments but was called up in the High Court for being unconstitutional In the wake of rising unemployment across different states partly due to the pandemic and the long term issues of employment generation in comparison to the steep rise in population finally catching the attention of different legislatures. However, is providing local reservation in employment just another political stunt to get more votes with minimal genuine effort or may actually prove to be a solution for the short term? The answer to this question requires us to get to the base of the employment problem


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