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What exactly is Communism

 Now Communism if simply put, is social, political and economic ideology leading to a movement whose main aim is to establish a communist society where the means of production are owned communally and there is no place for private ownership. According to communists, there exists two classes in society and this is the sole reason for all conflict. These two classes are proletariat, the working class which forms the majority of the population and the bourgeoise which forms very little of the population but enjoys a lavish life earning from the work of the proletariat. The communists hence put in place a social revolution where the private ownership of properties is replaced with social ownership, this forms the basis for communism. Communism as a term originated from Victor d’Hupay’s idea of living in communes where all property will be shared and all may benefit from everybody’s work. Modern Communist ideology began to develop during the French Revolution with the “Communist

Hinduism and Pride

6th sept 2018.That was the day on which  Consensual sexual conduct between two adults of same sex was decriminalized in the world's largest democracy (India). But why was it criminalized to begin with, you might ask. Surely, it must be due to the "backward mindset" of Indians who seemto be homophobic as a society? Negative. It was criminalized under the BRITISH COLONIAL RULE. Due to the Section 377 of the British colonial Constitution. Gay sex is still a crime in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei,Myanmar, Kuwait, Oman, Kenya, Nigeria, Gambia, Uganda, Zambia,Mauritius, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia. Sudan, UAE, Papua New Guinea etc. The long list of countries is why I laugh when I read an article by a British person on how India is backwards with respect to homosexuality. Some of the countries I mentioned above do indeed have their own issues with accepting homosexuality. Some of them even had lawsin place to criminalise

The Prowess of Indian farmers?

Over a month farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are continuing to block key highways on the outskirts of New Delhi as they demand a total repeal of the farming Bill which seeks to deregulate crop pricing.   The farmers worry that the three laws, designed to deregulate the agricultural sector, do not include a Minimum Support Price (MSP), a minimum price guaranteed by the government at which farmers can sell their crops. Without this safety net, farmers fear they will have to participate in contract farming with private corporations, where these companies determine what the farmer grows and the price they sell at.   While Prime Minister Narendra Modi argues that these laws will modernise the agricultural sector, farmers will have more autonomy, as they can set their own price's and sell directly to private businesses, farmers insist that without a guarantee of an MSP, opening the market to contract farming and mass privatisation will pave the way for exploitation.   Who

The farmers protests: Everything you need to know

If you have not been living under a rock, you may have heard of the ongoing protests in the country’s capital or fair to say well-nigh the capital of our country since the protestors have not been able to actually enter the city and protest even though it is a peaceful one. Now this issue has been sidelined by the mainstream media of our country but as citizens of this country we can’t ignore the cries of our farmers as these are the ones who provide us with the food on our table. Our objective during the writing of this blog was to try to show everyone the reality of this situation while getting rid of the air of conspiracy theories and bogus related to these protests floating around different social medias and not surprisingly, our mainstream media without much proof and evidence about most of their claims.   These protests are basically against the three new agriculture bills passed in the parliament this year. Particularly, the Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promot


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