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Love Jihad: Reality or Diversion

Amongst so many challenges India is facing, Five Bharatiya Janata Party ruled states have decided that one of their top priorities is to pass a law based on a theory aimed at preventing inter-faith marriages.  The leader of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Assam and Karnataka have promised to introduced strict legal provisions to prevent “Love Jihad” a conspiratorial delusion that imagines, a vast, Country-wide plot by Muslim Men to dupe unsuspecting Hindu Women into marriage with the aim of converting them to Islam.  The idea of “Love Jihad"  had itself comes from what was once a fringe conspiracy theory among Christian and Hindu groups in Kerala that spread around the country thanks to misinformation networks, often picking stray incidents and weaving them into a grand narrative. The theory plays into older right-wing Hindu anxieties about the virility of Muslim men, the purported susceptibility of Hindu women and baseless fears about wholesale demographic change that w

Air Pollution

Introduction to Air Pollution:  Air pollution has been a topic of discussion in almost all the seminars on nature. Air pollution if   stated in simple terms is the presence of substances in the atmosphere that are harmful for living beings. Air pollution is prevalent in varying amounts throughout the world with  some places having such polluted air that it is almost fatal to live. Now Air pollution has no one source and also doesn’t have a simple solution. It has been caused by a multitude of events and also requires quite complex and tedious methods for its reduction. Air Pollution is now  considered as one of the most prominent health hazards in nature due to its presence in all parts  of the world. Earlier, it was thought that air pollution exclusively harms the respiratory organs  but when air pollution research advanced further, it was realized that air pollution can also cause  a multitude of Cardiovascular diseases and neuroglial, reproductive and immune system  disorders. Air P

Dying Secularism

Gandhi’s notion of Secularism--- sarva-dharma-sambhav (equal treatment for all religion) --- is fundamentally different from the textbook definition of the term Secularism.Considering Modis aversion for the the word 'secularism', which he has ridiculed many a time, as well as his subscription to Gandhian values, which he has routinely expressed, it is only logical to wonder whether Modis version of Secularism will also resemble that of Gandhi’s. Now that he has inaugurated a Hindu temple, should one except to see him next at the inauguration of a Christian Church or a Muslim Mosque? Nothing can be more Gandhian than that, after all!    India, unlike the United States, does not define secular as being separate from or without any religious or spiritual basis. Under the constitution, all religions are treated as equal and protected from discrimination. secular means the separation of church and state and therefore the separation of religion from politics, religion continues to


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