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Now it is no surprise for any Indian that the situation of women safety in India is really worsening day by day and has reached a point where having a body of a women is a threat in India. Women in our society are already facing a wall of patriarchy and restrictions in every part of their life. It has become a burden for women to take care of their own safety and the motto “beti bachao, beti padhao” clearly shows it, where women are told to take precautions and be responsible for their own safety rather than making sure that justice is served quickly and teaching boys how to behave and treat women. The major problems in Indian society is that there is a lack of sex education and equality given to women in day to day life. There is also a notion of objectification of women in India where women are treated more like an object by the people around them. It is also seen that the urban and rural areas are equally unsafe for women which can be seen from the crime records of all the major cities in India. Although in theory India is a democracy where everyone has equal rights and justice should be served. But the judiciary in India almost feels inclined towards one half of society while ignoring the other half and the delay in punishment is one of the major incentives in the rise of crimes against women.

It is very sad to say that our country is not a better place for women. While there are a lot of cases against women that are reported there are a lot more cases that go unreported. The list of crimes against women in India is exhaustive and includes acid attacks, child marriages, domestic violence, forcefully domestic work, child abuse, dowry death, female infanticidr/ Sex-selective abortion, honor killing, rape, sexual harassment, trafficking, forced for prostitution and many more. The list of safety laws for women in India is equally exhaustive. But despite various rules and regulations by the system to handle and control crimes against women, numbers and frequency of crimes against women are increasing day by day. With the increased incidence and visibility of these gruesome crimes, there is an urgent need to address this problem at multiple levels of Indian society including professional, family and social settings.

According to the National Crime Bureau (NCRB) India recorded 88 rape cases everyday in 2019. NCRB reports highlights that rape vulnerability of a girl or a women has increased upto 44% in the last 10 years. And keep in mind the majority of rape cases still go unreported. The statistics on crime against women is even worse. Every 2 minute a woman in India is a victim of a Crime. The ongoing issue of violence against women raises the real 
and serious question on Indian judiciary system. 
Reasons behind increasing crimes against women: 

1.Objectification of Women : Objectification of women by entertainment industries is another reason why males take them for granted. The way women are portrayed in film songs, the words used to describe them are really very disgusting.

2. Lack of Sex education: Sex education for adolescents is a highly controversial topic in India. It is seen as offensive to Indian values, and concerns that it might lead to risky sexual behaviour and promiscuity.Our society, families, schools and institutions fail to bring awareness among children, youths regarding sex, sex related crimes. No proper counseling is provided to grownup boys and girls. The girls cannot share their problems with anyone even if they are bullied, harassed.

3.Societal Clause : In the eyes of the Indian society, man occupies a superior status and the woman is merely his accessory. A woman is never considered as an individual in her own right, she is, first the daughter, next the wife and last the mother of a man. Without man, her existence is treated as a myth. To maintain their dominance, Men are consciously taught to be aggressive and tough while women are conditioned to be obedient and quiet. The constitution and the protective laws assert justice and equality to be the goals but the given concepts and shared understanding assign different kinds of resources, opportunities and expectations to the two genders, each of which is sought to be governed by their own distinct code of fairness and justice . This concept of equality and justice results in gross injustice to the women and is the cause of their exploitation and their low social status.

4.Unemployment and poverty : This is the key that the men possess, which if taken over from them, lcan open the door of success and independence for each and every woman. Some men just cannot see women doing well while they themselves are unemployed or under–employed. They find such women to be the cause of their failures, they nurture a grudge against them and commit crimes against them to take out their frustration .There are cases where husbands have not even left their wives to vent out their frustration, ignoring the fact that she is supporting the whole family by her earnings. Sitting at home without a job,they imagine the wife insulting them or looking down upon them because they are dependent upon her. They imagine her enjoying with other men at the place of work. Unemployed men have been found beating their wives on very trivial domestic issues. 

5.Alcoholism and Inebriation: This has become one of the main causes of crimes against women. This evil is increasing in society rapidly. The evil effects of alcohol result in heavy damage of the mind and the body and results in susceptibility to crimes. Excessive drinking becomes the cause for the family member‟s assault and quarrels between husband and wife, between father and child, desertion, beating, cruelty, etc. Habitual drunkards have even molested their own daughters in the state of emotional excitement; when the normal restraints of a person disappear under the influence of drugs or drinks and their hostile and aggressive fantasies, intimately intermingled with sexual lust, are converted into irresponsible action. Alcohol - related crimes illustrate a reckless disregard of time, space and circumstances.

6.Delayed punishment: Awarding death penalty is subject to the rarest of rare cases. Death penalty will be pronounced if the crime has been committed in an extremely cruel and dreadful manner. The compulsory death penalty is against the constitutional rights of equality, right to live and personal liberty guaranteed under articles 14 and 21. In case death penalty is granted execution takes ages.

7.Patriarchal mindset: Human beings are social animals; it is society that shapes their attitudes, thinking and beliefs. Rape exists because of patriarchal misogynistic culture that overlooks it, whether implicitly or explicitly. Patriarchy has conditioned men to believe in their superiority. The males are always considered as more powerful than women, of which they take advantage.

8.Misuse of Social Media: Due to low rates of literacy and higher education among the population and high rate of internet availability in the country has led to the spread of degenerative and quite grotesque comments are seen towards women. Most of the celebrities’ and public figures’ posts are filled with such comments where the women of their families are given rape threats and spoken quite badly at. There has also been a rise in online bullying and harassment of girls which has led the victims towards depression and instigate them towards suicide.

There is also a major problem of politics of division, where the political parties in power manipulate the judiciary to favour their vote bank. This was clearly shown by the UP government under Yogi Adityanath in the Hathras rape and murder case where the police has deliberately tied to cover up the evidence against the rapists and also imposed section 144 in the region so that media cant enter the region and there isn’t many publicly available facts about the case. Now one of the allegations made is that the rapists belonged to Thakur caste which is the same as Yogi Adityanath’s caste and hence he is favouring them. Also it is seen in rural India that most of the feuds between upper caste and lower end up in harm of women. The Durga Puja will be celebrated in less than two weeks’ time, which is the celebration of the female goddess Durga and her 10 forms which indirectly projects the strength and importance of women in our life while also teaching us to respect them. However, much of the Indian population has not learnt from this which can be seen clearly in the rising number of crimes and diminishing respect for them among the male population. 

Now the solution to such a big problem in India is not direct and will involve reforms on multiple levels. The first should be the change of general perspective of women as weak and dependant on the other half, women are equally strong and should be seen as equal to men and be given equal importance in the society. The second change should be the increase of education among the youth and provide them with jobs so that they can be accustomed to working with women and hence have some respect towards women. The third change required is the compulsory inclusion of sex education in the syllabus of all boards of education so that men can learn about the morality of such actions. Now the next reform should be in the field of judiciary such that there is quick and decisive action in such cases so that fear is maintained throughout the male population over such actions. One of the major changes required is the abrogation of patriarchial mindset among the society which is the major cause of lack of respect towards women in our country.
This Article's main objective is to make the readers aware of the different reasons for this major problem in our country and to also make sure that there is a lesson to learn for all of us even the ones who have studied at great schools and have professional because in one way or another we are also contributors in the way our society has turned out to be, in our daily life when we take the protests against patriarchy for granted, when we make stereotypical comments on women about the way they dress and the way they behave in public. We contribute to this prejudicial system when we make assumptions about women and say they have no manners, when we judge them on going out with friends, when we don’t talk about natural things like period and how it affects them both physically and mentally. If we start accepting them for who they are, this mentality will help reduce the number of crimes against women, as offence is often a result neglect and divisional mindset. If such mindset is changed, the crime rate in India will surely decrease.

   Author - रचित and  Mayank Mishra 


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