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Desperate for Growth

The spread of COVID-19 and the lockdowns imposed throughout the world caused a major decline in many economic activities such as trade and commerce, this led to the decline of growth and consumer demand due to lack of available resources caused by the shutting down of industries and the prohibition of movement between nations and inside nations from one place to another, now the effect of coronavirus was varying from country to country and between different regions, India became one of the worst hit countries during this time which could be seen in the 23.9% decline of GDP and the IMF report which showed that in the 5 major socio-economic measures in the world which are included during the calculation of HDI, India could slide to 4th position in the Indian subcontinent only being above Pakistan due to Bangladesh’s GDP per capita expected to be greater than India’s. Such a state of economic slump will need effective and important steps from the government to recover from.  

Not an Object

Now it is no surprise for any Indian that the situation of women safety in India is really worsening day by day and has reached a point where having a body of a women is a threat in India. Women in our society are already facing a wall of patriarchy and restrictions in every part of their life. It has become a burden for women to take care of their own safety and the motto “beti bachao, beti padhao” clearly shows it, where women are told to take precautions and be responsible for their own safety rather than making sure that justice is served quickly and teaching boys how to behave and treat women. The major problems in Indian society is that there is a lack of sex education and equality given to women in day to day life. There is also a notion of objectification of women in India where women are treated more like an object by the people around them. It is also seen that the urban and rural areas are equally unsafe for women which can be seen from the crime records of all the major cit

The first Presidential debate 2020

Assumptions before the start of the debate : 1 . President would be looking to be on an attacking front throughout the debate and make personal comments on Joe Biden. He would most likely comment on Biden’s past and on his views towards China. 2. Joe Biden on the other hand has in a way been preparing since 1987 and will most likely be defensive but will make subtle attacks on Trump on some fronts here and there. Expectation of the impact of this debate: This debate will not be able to change the common perspective of both candidates over night. Trump will most likely be looking for switching to front foot and make the debate more about Biden’s shortcomings rather than his own failures and challenges. Facts about the debate: 1. Trump interrupted Joe Biden 73 times during the course of the debate. 2. The moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump to stop interrupting 25 times. 3. Surprisingly, Trump spoke less than Joe Biden at 38 minutes compared to Biden’s 43 minutes. 4. The longe


UP Elections

Not an Object

Petrol Price Hike : Horrors of the Past Return

UAPA- Tool To Shut Dissent in India