2.3 % Grew in China’s Economy

  China’s economy recovered to pre-pandemic growth rates in the fourth quarter, propelling it to a stronger than expected full-year expansion of 2.3% and making it the only major one to avoid contraction.  Gross domestic product climbed 6.5% in the final quarter from a year earlier, fueled by stronger-than-expected industrial output, the statistics bureau said Monday.   Covid-19, which has ravaged the world economy, first emerged in central China in late 2019. But the world's second-largest economy also became the first to bounce back after imposing strict lockdowns and virus control measures. It is expected to be the only major world economy clocking positive 2020 growth. In the last three months of 2020, China's economic rebound continued with a better-than-expected 6.5 percent growth on-year, a sustained improvement since the second quarter. This brings it back to a pre-pandemic trajectory, although full-year 2020 growth is still its worst performance since 1976, when the ec

Sports under Tyranny

Navid Afkari, 27 was sentenced to death in 2018 for the murder of a security guard during the nationwide anti government protests going on. He was convicted of “voluntary homicide” after stabbing to death Hossein Torkman.
Afkari had said in a leaked recording that he had been tortured to make a confession. Amnesty International has called this incident as a “travesty of justice”. The world player’s association has seen this incident as unjust and said that Iran could face expulsion from world sport for such a horrendous act. Afkari was reportedly extracted under torture and convicted on the basis of confessions aired on television. The international Olympic committee has also mourned the death of Afkari and was “deeply upset” that pleas from several athletes and other international institutions around the world was gone unheard.

Afkari was executed in a prison in Shiraz and according to his lawyer was forbidden to meet his family which is a prerequisite in Iranian Law before execution of any convict. The lawyer has also stated that his client was tortured to make confessions against his brothers Habib and Vahid who were sentenced to 27 and 54 years in prison related to the same case.

Afkari’s execution is one of many tyrannical acts done by Iran, according to Amnesty International there were 257 executions in Iran last year which was the second highest after China. Afkari was part of the ongoing protests against the government in Iran which was quite popular in the region of Shiraz.

According to WPA the execution was carried out to make an example of a high-profile athlete, who was just trying to take part in a peaceful protest. It also said that Afkari was tortured to make a false confession . 

For a deeper evaluation of the Afkari case and to see the bigger picture, we need to go back in time to find out the root cause of the revolution. It all started in the year 1979 , the year when Iranian revolution was started. The main motive for the revolution is to overthrow the Pahlavi dynasty because leader of the Pahlavi dynasty wanted to westernize the country and many people in Iran didn’t liked that. The revolution resulted in the overthrow of the Pahlavi dynasty and the leader of Islamic republic became took power over  the country. The leader of the country was Ruhollah  
Kohmeini. He launched strict laws in the country . He ruled the country until his death and here comes the  twist in the story, After his death, Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei took over the control in 1989. Many countryIn the Western World started to put sanctions on Iran Government because of the Iran-Iraq war that took  place between 1980-1989. The relationship between United States and Iran started to worsen, because of  It, the Iran’s economy was watching its downside.  

There was some improvement in the year 2011 but
the unemployment of Iran was increasing. The
collapsing economy and the failure of government
made people frustrated which led to the protest in
2018. Celebrities in Iran was protesting against
The government of Iran including Navid Afkari. The
Anti government sentiment in Navid Afkari made him Paid. Navid was arrested on September 2018 on many  Charges like Murder, insult of the Iranian leader ,e.t.c.The court in Iran decided to give Navid death sentence  because of his charges. He and his family denied all  the allegations and his family said that it was a  trick played by the government. Even after the  appeal from big leaders from all around the World  like President Donald Trump and the government of Germany to take back the death penalty, the Iranian  government gave death sentence to one of the greatest wrestler in History which was Navid Afkari. The news spread all around the World like a epidemic. The World Sports organization expressed grief over the death of Navid Afriki saying that he was one of the Wrestlers. The World got attention because he was a celebrity but There are hundred’s of Iranian people who are executed Because of their protest for making Iran a better World.  

What should we do?
Well, we can use hastags like Justice for Navid and we could force the UN to take some actions to bring peace the beautiful country of Iran. Social media would be the best medium through which we can educate the people  regarding Iran. At last I would like to say that we should all stand for the people of Iran.  

   Author - Mayank Mishra 
 Co-author - Sroth Sinha


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