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2.3 % Grew in China’s Economy

  China’s economy recovered to pre-pandemic growth rates in the fourth quarter, propelling it to a stronger than expected full-year expansion of 2.3% and making it the only major one to avoid contraction.  Gross domestic product climbed 6.5% in the final quarter from a year earlier, fueled by stronger-than-expected industrial output, the statistics bureau said Monday.   Covid-19, which has ravaged the world economy, first emerged in central China in late 2019. But the world's second-largest economy also became the first to bounce back after imposing strict lockdowns and virus control measures. It is expected to be the only major world economy clocking positive 2020 growth. In the last three months of 2020, China's economic rebound continued with a better-than-expected 6.5 percent growth on-year, a sustained improvement since the second quarter. This brings it back to a pre-pandemic trajectory, although full-year 2020 growth is still its worst performance since 1976, when the ec

Is Facebook favoring the ruling party in India?

Facebook has found itself at the centre of attraction in India following a report published in Wall Street Journal claiming that Facebook ignored applying its hate speech rules to a BJP leader's post in India. This report has raised questions over the strong connections between the ruling party (BJP) and Facebook, putting into the role of a top executive of the social media platform, Ankhi Das. The report published in Wall Street Journal claimed that Ankhi Das, Facebook’s public policy director for India, South and Central Asia, told employees that the initiating punitive actions against BJP leader's indulging in hate propaganda. Now this report has erupted a political fight between Congress and the BJP on the issue with the opposition demanding a free and fair probe into Facebook’s operations in India. The Congress is using the issue to set the stage for the Parliament's monsoon session which is likely to be called in September. The BJP and the government have, howev

One year of Article 370

On the first anniversary of the reading down of Article 370 , the kashmir valley continues to be subjected to various restrictions and proper Internet services are still barred. Many political leaders are being under detention or house arrest. Last year on 5 August the government of India revoked the special status, or limited autonomy, granted under Article 370 of Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir. This revoke led to breaking up of Jammu and Kashmir into directly administered by the government of India : one that combines Hindu- majority Jammu and Muslim- majority kashmir, and Buddhist - majority Ladakh.    One year- where do things stand?  At the time of revoking, it was stated that that reading down Article 370 would guide development and several industries would set up shop in kashmir but, this has proved to be a futile hope. The covid pandemic has made any nation wide reforms difficult to implement but even before the nation wide shutdown in March, there had be

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