2.3 % Grew in China’s Economy

  China’s economy recovered to pre-pandemic growth rates in the fourth quarter, propelling it to a stronger than expected full-year expansion of 2.3% and making it the only major one to avoid contraction.  Gross domestic product climbed 6.5% in the final quarter from a year earlier, fueled by stronger-than-expected industrial output, the statistics bureau said Monday.   Covid-19, which has ravaged the world economy, first emerged in central China in late 2019. But the world's second-largest economy also became the first to bounce back after imposing strict lockdowns and virus control measures. It is expected to be the only major world economy clocking positive 2020 growth. In the last three months of 2020, China's economic rebound continued with a better-than-expected 6.5 percent growth on-year, a sustained improvement since the second quarter. This brings it back to a pre-pandemic trajectory, although full-year 2020 growth is still its worst performance since 1976, when the ec

India's Digital Retaliation

The Government of India on Monday (30 June) banned 59 chinese mobile applications, including social media platforms such as TikTok, Wechat and Helo. The reason behind the ban is - application posed threat to country's “ sovereignty and security”. But this issue is also present with Google, Facebook, Twitter. Then why are they left?  The reason is clear: India took this step to give a strict statement to China. Chinese apps were on target of the government for a long time but after the recent conflict on border government fired the trigger. India is a big and growing market for 59 chinese apps banned in the country. TikTok was among the most popular  among them, and had 16.4 million new installs in June. Overall, the app has 200 million active users in India. According to the data of Sensors Tower, the app generated revenue of $924,000 from June 2019 to June 2020 in India through user spending alone. Adding advertising revenue, overall revenue would be a lot higher. To become the world's most powerful country China is using very wrong tactics. And apps are the biggest weapon in that. In recent times cyber attacks on Australia is an example of this. Strategic experts believe that in future war will be fought on technological ground. And for fighting like this personal data is very important, which can be stolen from these apps easily. The ban has given an opportunity  to Indian app makers to grab the space left from these apps. While India and China are locked in a military standoff and engage in defense and diplomatic dialogues to de-escalate the situation, public opinion in India is split over whether recent government actions are apt or enough. Some believe that an alteration of the Indian map cannot be rightfully responded to through government action against Chinese apps; others, meanwhile, opine that it is a strong economic move, especially in the technology and telecommunications sector.


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