Two years since Article 370: A major success for the NDA?

  Two years after Indian parliament revoked the autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister Narender Modi’s government seems to have succeeded in bringing the region under its direct control.On 5 August 2019, a proposal to abolish Article 370 and 35A implemented in Kashmir was introduced by Home Minister Amit Shah in the Rajya Sabha. After which President Ram Nath Kovind also approved it after the resolution was passed in the Rajya Sabha. After getting approval from the President, Article 370 and 35A were abolished from Jammu and Kashmir. After this big decision of the central government, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh were separated and divided into two separate union territories.   After the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had said, 'Now our country can move forward on the path of peace and development.' He said that this step will further strengthen the policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism. Shah exuded confidence th

Indian Media and its pseudo nature

Media plays a very important part in our  Democracy and  makes people  aware about various kind of information in form of news across the world. Media's main role is to provide unbiased news without tampering and censorship. The media need to promote the actual news with facts and it should not give any information or news under any kind of political pressure. So they can maintain their creditable and gain the trust of audience. But the reality is different  media houses are just focusing on making themselves wealthy and earn the highest TRP rather than showing true image of what is going in the society. In a country like India,where there diverse society and biggest democracy of  world where people can say what they feel and express their view but our media is dividing people into right wing and left wing, anti-government and pro-government. Media should not believe in such policies but just need to present true facts to audience.  Rajdeep Sardesai, senior journalist and consulting editor at India Today group said " Today,  intellectual and financial dishonesty is probably a qualification for some to be a  journalist. Sense has been replaced by sensation, news by  noise, credibility by chaos. This is probably more true to television than print. India has ranked 142 out 180 in Global Press Freedom Index dropping by two. The report was released on 21 April. The report attributes that decline in index is due to a great amount of political pressure on media. On 14 April, the daily- wage earners numbering around 1000 assembled at the suburban Bandra West (Mumbai) bus depot near the railway station and squatted on road at around 3 pm. They were demanding arrangement of transport facilities in order to return to their native villages. This was the matter but some mainstream media started their agenda and made it  a communal event. Media started putting Muslim-angle , they started questing why people gathered near Jama Masjid. Headlines of Some Mainstream media were-
1 Republic.Bharat - "How did a crowd gather in the Masjid? "
2  ABP News - " Weather the masjid was responsible for the gathering of the crowd?" 
3 India TV - " Who asked 1500 people to gather outside Jama Masjid in Mumbai?" 
4 News Nation - " Why crowd gathered at masjid only? "
But matter was Masjid was near the bus depot and the police requisted a microphone from the masjid in order to address the crowd. On April 20, the J&K police announced that it had filed a an FIR against kashmir photojournalist Masrat Zahara under the unlawful Activities ( Prevention) Act (UAPA), a severe anti-terrorism law under which a person can be designated a terrorist and jailed for 7 years. The jouranlists was showing tough conditions of kashmir and produce noteworthy stories for a range of foreign publications, including The Washington and Al Jazeera. Use of UAPA is last nail in coffin of press control. Today most of independent journalists who questions government are jobless or writing for foreign publications. The amount of control on journalists is very dangerous for country.


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