A legal Invasion of Privacy

  IT Rules 2021    The Government on Thursday Announced some guidelines and rules to control and regulate the digital content. The Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021 also establishes some code of ethics to be followed by the Online Content Publishers, News websites, OTT platforms (Such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+ Hotstar, etc.) and Social Media content Creators. These rules also include a proposal to establish a three tier grievance portal for the public to address the grievances of content that can be harmful to national security as well as the modesty or safety of an individual.  The IT rules for the digital publishers and OTT platforms are more in focus to the self regulation by these respective Platforms,Whereas The Grievance redressal mechanism is implemented to restrict the creative freedom of an individual or group of individuals. Implementation of the Rules 1. The OTT platforms such as Netflix,

Onion Prices Hike

The prices of onion is more than 100/ kg in many regions of country. In 1998 onion prices led to fall of Bjp government in legislative elections of Delhi. It's not first time that prices of onion became a political issue in India. Exactly every year in November and December onion prices rise rapidly. The rise in price of onion is mainly due to nonseasonal rain in Maharashtra, Telangana, and Karnataka. It rained nearly 2 times more in October than usual. Maharashtra is the main onion producing state in India. It cover almost 28% share of onion crop in India. Excess rainfall in Maharashtra, the top onion producing state in India have destroyed the crops.The area under kharif onion was less than 7% due to impact of drought and delayed onset of monsoon. However its impact is now over. The monthly onion consumption in India  is around 15 lakh metric tons. which means we need 50 thousand tons daily for consumption but roughly supply is around 10-12% of what we need ,that the reason for prices of onion is more than 100/kg. Government is taking the steps to control the prices. Central have asked the states government to take action against the the traders who hoarding onions and create buffer stock and distribute onions at a reasonable rate to give relief to common people from high prices. The government also decided to import onion from Iran, Egypt and Afghanistan. The historic rise in price is not helping the the farmer at all.  Poor farmer are getting only 5-10 rupees in selling 1 kg of onion. The most of the money is going in the pocket of  middle man only and the condition of farmer are not getting better.
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A legal Invasion of Privacy

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