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Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels a charge against the government official.Impeachment exist under constitutional law in many country around the world, including the United states, India , Brazil, France, Russia Ireland. Donald Trump the president of US is facing the impeachment. Article II, Section 4 of US constitution  provides that,The president, vice president and all civil servant of the US, shall be removed from office on the impeachment for, and the conviction of,Treason,Bribery,or other high crimes and Misdemeanors. Till now 3 presidents are impeached in US they are Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and the current president Donald Trump. The impeachment of Donald Trump occurred on 18 December, when  House of representatives approved the Articles of impeachment on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. All the readers didn't know why Trump is impeached so i am putting some lights on the backdrop. US give aid to Ukraine. On July 25 pr

Citizenship Amendment bill 2019

The Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Biggest fuss right now in India. Whether we open television set or Internet there is the  discussion on CAB. CAB the  short name given to  Citizenship Amendment Bill. The Home minister Amit shah introduced the CAB in parliament. Lok shabha  passed the bill with 311  people voting in favor and 80 people voting against the bill. And  in rajya shabha bill passed with 125 votes in favor  and 105 against it. The bill seeks to amend the Citizenship Act 1955, in order to grant Indian citizenship to non-muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan escaping religion persecution there. When the bills will be enacted, immigrant belonging to Hindu,Sikh,christian, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi communities from the three countries mention above will not be treated as illegal. The will be eligible to get naturalized citizenship. The bill relaxes 11 year requirement of old bill to six year for the person to above six religion and 3 countries, The immigrant w

Onion Prices Hike

The prices of onion is more than 100 / kg in many regions of country. In 1998 onion prices led to fall of Bjp government in legislative elections of Delhi. It's not first time that prices of onion became a political issue in India. Exactly every year in November and December onion prices rise rapidly. The rise in price of onion is mainly due to nonseasonal rain in Maharashtra, Telangana, and Karnataka. It rained nearly 2 times more in October than usual. Maharashtra is the main onion producing state in India. It cover almost 28% share of onion crop in India. Excess rainfall in Maharashtra, the top onion producing state in India have destroyed the crops.The area under kharif onion was less than 7% due to impact of drought and delayed onset of monsoon. However its impact is now over. The monthly onion consumption in India  is around 15 lakh metric tons. which means we need 50 thousand tons daily for consumption but roughly supply is around 10-12% of what we need ,that the reason for


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